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“A great painting will be one that is perfectly balanced in all aspects including what is not there” … Amanda Hyatt





Amanda, as one of the worlds leading watercolourists, has been invited to exhibit at this prestigious watercolour exhibition in Rome.



Opens 14th July 2023. This solo exhibition by Amanda at Red Hill Gallery, exhibits a range of oil and watercolour paintings covering a wide range of subject matter.



The TMPS has been invited by the National Trust of Victoria to participate in the 2023 Giant Miniature Art Exhibition at Como House, Corner Williams Rd & Lechlade Ave, South Yarra 3141. 5th May- Sunday 23rd July.

Opening times: Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 5pm, with last entry to the exhibition at 4pm. For more information click here.



The TMPS Annual Exhibition will be held from  17th August – 3rd September 2023 at the Glen Eira City Council Gallery, Caulfield, Victoria.
Further details will be posted as they become available.


Solo Exhibitions:

Redwood Gallery: 1989.
Gallery 21: 1990,1992, 1993, 1995.
Hobson’s Choice Gallery: 1992, 1995.
Eltham Wiregrass Gallery: 1996, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002.
Kew Gallery: 1992, 1998, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010.
Peninsula Galleries: 2004.
Seaview Gallery: 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2016, 2017, 2019.
Hillcrest Gallery: 2006.
David Sumner Gallery: 2009, 2010, 2013.
Jenny Pihan Fine Art: 2005, 2006, 2010, 2011, 2012.
MS Van Zaandam Cruise Ship: 2018.
Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane 2023.

Annual Exhibitions:

Amanda has exhibited annually at both the Australian Watercolour Institute  (AWI) exhibitions at the Mosman Gallery NSW amd the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society exhibitions at the Glen Eira Gallery, Victoria since 1992.

Group Exhibitions:

1989: Redwood Gallery. Hyatt & King.
1989: Eltham Wiregrass Gallery. Hyatt, Pekel, Castagnet, Taylor.
1991: Kew Gallery. Hyatt, Cox, Wood, Schiller, Pekel, Zbukvic, Wade.
1992: Kew Gallery. Hyatt, Pekel, Zbukvic, Wade, Castagnet, Dow, Beattie, Cowling, Sterchele, Magilton.
1993: Eltham Wiregrass Gallery.   Hyatt, Pekel, Taylor, Cox, Beattie, Dickason.
1995: Gallery 21. Hyatt & Paterson.
1995: Chinese – Australian Watercolour Exchange Exhibition. Taipei.
1996: Asia – Pacific Regional Watercolour Exhibition. Taiwan.
1998: Gallery 595. Broadway, New York.
1999: Gallery 595. Broadway, New York.
2006: Jenny Pihan Fine Art. Hyatt & Pekel.
2007: International Watercolours Painting Exhibition. Taiwan.
2009: Seaview Gallery. Hyatt & Margocsy.
2009: Kew Gallery. Hyatt & Paterson.
2009: Jenny Pihan Fine Art. Hyatt & Pekel.
2010: Seaview Gallery. Hyatt & King.
2011: Hahndorf Academy, Hahndorf. Hyatt, Allen, Jarvis, Lewitzka, Paterson, Pekel, Taylor, Wade, Zbukvic.
2012: “Tradition & Transformation” exhibition, Taiwan.
2012: 2nd International Watercolour Biennial Exhibition. Shanghai.
2013: David Sumner Gallery. Hyatt & Brigg.
2013: Shenzhen International Watercolour Biennial, 2013, 2014.
2013: Taiwan – AWI Exchange Exhibition, 2013.
2014: “Across – the – Water”: China – Australia Modern Masters of Watercolour. Shanghai.
2015: Without Pier. Hyatt, Pekel & Kandis.
2015: Artarmon Galleries (N.S.W.) Twenty Melbourne Painters Society.
2016: Wollongong Art Gallery Watercolour Exhibition.
2016: Dalian, China Exhibition (Watercolour Society of Victoria).
2017: Equine and Wildlife Exhibition, 7th May. Old Post Office Seymour – Fine Art Gallery.
2018: Gosford Regional Gallery, AWI selected exhibition.
2019: “Masters of Watercolour”, Media House Gallery,The Age & the Pan Pacific Hotel, Melbourne. Feb 25th – 23rd May.
2020: Geelong Artist Society: Group Exhibition.
2020: Australian Watercolour Institute 97th Annual Exhibition Tradition and Transformation II : 2020. Taiwan-Annual International Watercolour Exhibition.
2023: Frascati, Rome.