October 2019
New Watercolour Paper.



I am pleased to announce a new range of watercolour paper which can be sourced from Senior Art Supplies  
The paper is manufactured by Baohong  (pronounced “bayerhong”) and is known as the “The Master’s Choice” in watercolour.

The paper is available in three surface textures and comes in three different paper sizes (1/4 sheet, 1/2 sheet, full sheet) and 7 block sizes. Information you need to know when choosing which paper to use is below.

(1) Hot pressed smooth paper.
This paper is for detailed work. The paint is uniform all over.

(2) Cold pressed medium paper.
This paper is most frequently used. It is easy to use and the paint fragments slightly.

(3) Grain torchon rough.
This paper requires considerable technical mastery. It is not suited for detail. The paint does not cover dips and it fragments greatly. This paper is excellent for artists who want to advance their work.

All papers are acid free, 100% cotton and 300 gm.

The painting below is used as the frontispiece of the hot pressed smooth paper (refer above). This painting is available for sale, contact Amanda. The paintings used as frontispieces for the two other papers have been sold.





August 2019
APV Films, a new film featuring Amanda  (10th, 11th 12th August 2019)

For three days in August the APV Film crew, Antony, Caroline and Oliver Parker, filmed a new DVD of my work to be released soon, in and around Kent, UK.

The weather was very unpredictable with autumn clouds and patchy rain threatening all the time. It subsequently made each subject choice more dynamic, exciting and exhilarating and we would often have to pull out umbrellas or rush for cover. 

The professionalism of the Parkers is excellent (I have 3 other DVDs with them) as is their operation, suggestions for painting locations and dedication to their work. Please enjoy some images as a teaser for what is coming up in my new DVD.