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Amanda is an ‘alla Prima’ artist working instinctively, directly, immediately and spontaneously making maximum impact with deliberate brushstrokes. Her paintings embrace romance and employ the skills of creating tonal contrast, a sense of light and time, Impressionism and chiaroscuro.

Her work is described as:

  • Rigorously inventive, innovative and expressionistic.
  • Being rhythmic and Zen-like intuitive painting with animated brushstrokes and draughtsmanship.
  • Pushing the envelope of skill towards developing a new classical realism.
  • Vigorous, dedicated and passionate.

Quote APV Films: Amanda is now considered to be one of the most exciting and ground-breaking watercolour artists in the world.

“There will be defects within a painting that when left unresolved are essential to the magic of the painting”  
…. Amanda Hyatt