Amanda is an “alla prima” artist, painting “at the first go”. She is instinctive and aims to create an expressive effect directly, immediately and spontaneously, to “ achieve the final look in one session”. This requires skilful manipulation of the brushes and the medium, working quickly, and with 30 years experience she is a master of alla prima watercolour.

She strives to create a sense of light and energy in her work which attracts the viewer via their immediate reaction to the play of tones, contrast of darks and lights, and her omission of unnecessary detail….making every brush stoke matter.

She aims to continue this lineage by transmitting this knowledge to students via her many teaching workshops. A combination of sensuality and intellect characterise this artist.


“Amanda has been described as a rigorously inventive watercolourist and oil painter. She is dedicated to diligently pushing the envelope of skill towards developing a new classical realism which absorbs and reinterprets many of modernism’s most profound stylistic representational freedoms, bringing to her art notable liberties of painterly expression. For the past 30 years she has achieved much acclaim for the innovation and excellence of her watercolours and oils, being one of the very few Australian painters able to shift so seamlessly from, respectively, a medium of an uncompromisingly rogue nature, to the readily blendable, silky and lustrous oil paint and its magic glazes. The vigorous and dedicated passion Amanda synonymously feels for her subjects and chosen medium is evident in the rhythmic Zen-like graphic fire which animates her brush’s draftsmanship, her linear concepts and sculptural forms oscillate between potential and kinetic energies in a dance of space with memory.” …. Jenny Pihan Fine Art.

“Amanda is a zen painter in that she paints quickly and intuitively very much being in the moment. Inspirational! What a wonderful artist! Boy that lady can paint!.” …. Wet Canvas 2011