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APV Films, a new film featuring A.J. Hyatt (10th, 11th 12th August 2019)

For three days in August the APV Film crew, Antony, Caroline and Oliver Parker, filmed a new DVD of my work to be released soon, in and around Kent, UK.

The weather was very unpredictable with autumn clouds and patchy rain threatening all the time. It subsequently made each subject choice more dynamic, exciting and exhilarating and we would often have to pull out umbrellas or rush for cover. 

But the professionalism of the Parkers is outstanding (I have 3 other DVDs with them) and their swift and adaptable operation, suggestions for painting locations, and love and dedication of their work, is a tremendous honour and pleasure to be involved with. 
Please enjoy some ‘Painting with the Parkers’ as a teaser for what is coming up in my new DVD.