Amanda’s DVD “Five Steps to Watercolour”

My Five Steps To Watercolour DVD was filmed in 2011 by the wonderful APV Film Crew. The four days spent filming happened between and during rainy downpours, heavy grey skies and the north wind (Il vento) howling down Lake Como. It was enthralling! Because I paint the whole scene on full sheets, capturing the big vista that is in front of me at the time, it was a truly exhilarating experience…..REAL en plein air painting in its fullest sense, lending itself to the miracles of the medium, the unpredictability and the sheer joy of being in the moment no matter what the circumstances were! I recommend the experience of whole-scene painting at exactly the time and place you are at as opposed to painting near-at-hand smaller safer subjects when you are ready (such as tables and awnings where you have stopped for lunch) to anyone wanting to take their art to the next level, to seriously get out of their comfort zone, and LIVE! My paintings on my DVD are an honest testament to my beliefs. “For those about to en plein air I salute you” … with apologies to AC/DC.