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Dedham Hall, UK (5th – 9th August, 2019)

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, I conducted a painting workshop at Dedham Hall, Colchester UK. I’m returning there this year (see workshops for details). Here is a a brief taste as to what we did at this great venue.

My hosts Jim and Wendy Sarton run workshops from their 14th century home offering fine food and wine and wonderful accommodation. The studio a magnificently appointed historic barn where which once held the town market hundreds of years ago. Their property truly exudes the wondrous antiquity of how things used to be.

The group I tutored included many noted fine artists of exceptional quality who were eager to discover different styles and pick up a few new tricks and techniques. We did a mixture of studio and en plein air work with day trips to Pin Mill, Heybridge Basin, Willy Lotts Cottage (made famous by Constable) and outside in the rambling magnificence of Dedham Halls cottage garden.

Please enjoy the images and paintings from this exceptional workshop.