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For the last week of October this year I taught a group of 13 people on Norfolk Island during a painting workshop holiday.

The weather was perfect, sunny mild days without wind and the Island was beautiful. The group painted at various locations around the Island curtesy of cars provided by the Norfolk Island Travel Company. Each location was spectacular and students painted beautiful works of the scenery. We dined at fabulous restaurants, cooked our own fish in the garden outside our accommodation. We went to a community fish fry and had the opportunity to do extracurricular activities such as visit Colleen McCulloch’s house or do some deep sea fishing. There were many museums, old buildings, convict ruins and displays explaining the convict settlement as well as settlement by the Bounty mutineers and their families. Many of these seventh generation families are prominent on the Island today with surnames like Christian, Adams and Quintal. It is a fascinating place, full of intrigue and mystery and old ways. The most spectacular event was the landing of many cars and buses from the weekly supply ship via small boats, often tied together. This event gathered crowds who watched in awe as the cars were winched up on to the pier.

Painting became more and more exciting as the Island offered up its treasures and the group enjoyed every opportunity to paint. The duty free bottle shop was the most favourite stop off point. As the saying goes, it’s as good as it gets in your own backyard, and Norfolk Island is spectacular. Please enjoy my images from my Painting Workshop Holiday.

All paintings are copy-write of Amanda Hyatt.