Amanda Hyatt en plein air demonstration, television show “Colour In Your Life”/”Colour My World”.

I am very pleased to present my television episode (series 9, Episode 13) from “Colour In Your Life”. This is a half hour en plein air landscape with full instruction; it is the first of two produced by “Colour in Your Life/Colour My World”. It was filmed in January 2015 and was first aired on April 18th 2015; please enjoy. Cheers Amanda.



1. “‘That was one of my favourite program’s that you’ve done. I’ve watched too many programs and videos were the artist says, “let the picture paint itself”, which is lazy teaching as unless you are experienced, that doesn’t come naturally, so it’s not helpful for most people. She explains everything so well, she’s brilliant. A great artist and teacher, rare.”
2.”She sure knows what she is talking about!”
3. “I found Amanda’s program fascinating. Her methods and explanations are great!”
4. “Wow I’m in love with her art. Her paintings are truly alive. The depths, the contrasts and the aura. Awesome!”