Amanda’s DVD “Five Steps to Watercolour”

My Five Steps to Watercolour DVD was filmed in 2011 at Lake Como, Italy by APV Films. In this DVD I explain with full-sheet demonstrations how to capture the big vista using five steps. The DVD was filmed in inclement conditions with heavy rain, grey skys and howling wind resulting in the use of umbrellas and many tie-down ropes. This was real en plein air painting in its fullest sense. The paintings are alla prima, tonal impressionistic. 

As a tonal artist who paints the light rather than colour my Five Steps allows painters to undertake a simple approach to creating a painting. Step 1 is to re-vision and simplify the subject so a balanced draw-up can begin. Step 2 is to choose colour combinations that are not primary but are subdued with a darker base colour. Step 3 is to build up tonal values. Step 4 is to create light, shadows and atmosphere and Step 5 is to pull it together and finish the painting.

To purchase this DVD please contact APV Films.