First Prizes & Major Awards

(There are many other awards that are not listed here)

1985.   Geelong Spring Show.
1986.   Geelong Spring Show.
1987.   Templestowe Rotary Art Show.
1988.   Victorian Teachers Union Art Show.
1989.   Brighton Rotary; Camberwell Rotary – section award; St. Kevin’s College;
1989.   Xavier College.
1990.   Camberwell Rotary – section award.
1991.   Ivanhoe Rotary.
1992.   Camberwell Rotary – Gold Medal for Watercolour;
1992.   A.M.E. Bale Watercolour Award.
1995.   Mt. Waverley Art Show.
1996.   Mt. Waverley Art Show; Waverley Art Show; Melbourne High School Art Show.
1997.   Ivanhoe Rotary.
1998.   Camberwell Rotary – section award.
1999.   Ivanhoe Rotary; St. Kevin’s College.
2000.   Bright Festival.
2001.   Camberwell Rotary….Urban Landscape Award; Ivanhoe Rotary.
2002.   Camberwell Rotary – Urban Landscape Award; Mt. Waverley Art Show;
2002.   Altona Rotary; St. Kevin’s College.
2003.   Geelong College; Yarra Valley; Bayswater Rotary;
2003.   Ivanhoe Rotary – people’s choice award.
2004.   Ivanhoe Rotary.
2006.   Ivanhoe Rotary; Mt. Waverley Art Show.
2010.   Victorian Artists Society – Artist Of The Year; Norman Kaye Medallion .
2011.   Mt Waverley Art Show.
2012.   “Kenneth Jack Memorial Watercolour Prize”; First Prize.
2013.   Camberwell Rotary, “Best Contempory Watercolour”.
2013.   St Kevins College.
2014.   ” Inaugural Contemporary Prize”, Victorian Artists Society. First Prize.
2014.   Camberwell HC; Kenneth Jack Memorial Watercolour Prize”, HC.
2014.   People’s Choice Award, “Kenneth Jack Memorial Watercolour Prize”.
2015. Camberwell Rotary. Best Contemporary Watercolour.
2016. St Kevins College, “Best Watercolour”,


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