Amanda Hyatt demonstration, television show “Colour In Your Life”/”Colour My World”.

I am very pleased to present my second television episode (series 10, Episode 10) from “Colour In Your Life”. This is a half hour studio demonstration with full instruction”. It was filmed in January 2015 and was televised on the 27th June 2015; please enjoy. Cheers Amanda.



1). “This is very close to what I am trying to achieve in my watercolor painting.  I have a ways to go, but she is amazing!  I love the confidence she has in her strokes!”
2). “Powerful painting, unusual composition and thick applications of watercolor pigment.  A pure pleasure to watch this piece being created.”
3). “I labor on paintings for weeks and Amanda makes gorgeous art in a matter of minutes. She’s fearless and expressive. it’s almost like free flowing abstract painting of real life subject matter. to see how others approach art has definitely sculpted my style. thanks for the view CIYL”.
4). “Australian watercolour artists have a freedom and style I only wish I could emulate. You`ve really nailed it”.