Amanda’s APV  “Masterclass Watercolour Landscape”


I am pleased to present my first teaching download from APV Films UK. The subject is a full sheet landscape of the Moorabool Valley and vineyard area near Geelong in Australia. The painting was done en plein air on a very hot summer day. I emphasise my 5 steps to big picture full sheet painting alla prima style. This involves (1) analysing the scene, omitting unnecessary detail and balancing the initial draw up, (2) choosing colours to suit the scene, either keeping to what is presented, reducing the palette or adding extra highlight colours, (3) building up the painting with three tones, (4) adding the magic with washes, glazes, darker tones and (5) pulling the painting together with details and finishing off. The painting was achieved very quickly and spontaneously in 30 minutes by reacting intelligently, intuitively and sensitively to the scene. I hope you enjoy this video and can apply the techniques to your own work. If you wish to purchase the DVD or ‘download’ refer to  Amanda Hyatt